The passion started with a pocket camera,
just had a knack for getting the right picture.

Flowing through the film age with several
cameras, there was always an interest in
documenting with photos to make sure that
special moment wasn't missed.

The need to advance into the digital age hit
with certified classes in:

Discover Digital Photography,
Secrets of Better Photography,
Photoshop Digital Photography and
New York Institute of Photography.

Worked with Youth Sports Photography
including Preschools, Baseball, Soccer,
Basketball, Football, Lacross and Swim.

Worked with Elementary and
Middle School Portrait Photography,
Senior Formal Portrait Photography,
Proms, and Graduation.

Events on the Mall in D. C. including:
10k Cherry Blossum Run.

Documenting Travel with daily Itineraries
and Excursions with written captions and Photographs.

Photographs for the Newspaper, including
local Pied Piper Theater musicals.

Engagement and Wedding Photography.

Parties, Events and Bands.

Portraits, Corporate Portraits, Babies,
Children and Pets.

Interior Design Photography and
Real Estate.

Come visit my Studio.


Portable Studio to your location.

Photography for anything that needs
to be documented.

"You have a camera for the eye,
not a eye for the camera." D. R.

Located in Northern Virginia.

Contact: Joleen
Phone: 703.927.1869



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